Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Update

Looks like the results may be in dispute after all... See this breaking news report from the ONN.


Final Results post later

The Chart is updated with the projected final results, but I want to wait until everything stabilize a bit to make a final results post... Hopefully this evening.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Take that, Joe the Plumber.

It's over. From now on, you can officially say to all the racists you meet: "That's PRESIDENT Barack Hussein Obama to you!"

Senator Kay Hagan

For the first time since 1952, come Jan 4, neither a Dole nor a Bush is serving as an elected official.

Useful site while you're watching the results

Just found this useful site for examining the county-by-county results as they come in, and comparing them to 2004. So far, things are looking good both in Indiana and Florida. Note, for some odd reason, these people invert the colors from virtually every other site in the world, so red means Kerry and blue means Bush.

Oddity in Indiana

Probably nothing, but this has me a bit concerned...

Look at the pop-out over the map. Note that both candidates have the identical number of votes in Marion County, which is suspicious by itself. But while they both have the same vote count, McCain is listed as being ahead by 1%.

Update: To clarify, I think this is probably a glitch with the CNN website, but it's hard to say for sure.

The Breakdown for Election Day, Nov. 4 2008!

Wow... It's almost over. The results will start coming in, around six hours from now.

Before I do anything else, everyone who reads this site should go an read "The top ten reasons you should ignore exit polls" that Nate posted today. He tells us why, even more than usual, exit polls don't tell us a thing this year.

Ok, Here's the movement:
VA and OH: Weak Obama to Barely Obama
MO: Barely McCain to Tied
WV: Weak McCain to Strong McCain

Now everybody go VOTE! Remember, the future of the Economy depends on it, the future of the Health Care depends on it, the future of the Environment depends on it, the future of the War depends on it... The future of the WORLD depends on it. There has never been such an important or historic election in our nations history, so PLEASE be a part of it!

Obama's EV count in states where he's polling over 50%: 287 EVs. (291 if you include RI which is under 50%, but with a 22 point margin)

If the election were held today and...ObamaMcCain
...all McCain <5% went to Obama406132
...all Obama <5% went to McCain278260
Shift since yesterday:+0+33
Shift this week:+0+28

(See this post for an explanation of these numbers.)

For the raw poll data and more details, see this day's page on
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